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Home Remedies for Blocked Tear Ducts in Adults and Infants

Blocked or clogged tear ducts is a medical condition in the eyes mostly seen in new born baby and infants and also can be seen in adults, which may be because of an infection or worse there may be a small tumor and it results in a watery and inflamed eye.In most cases clogged or blocked tear ducts are a common case in new born baby and it can be treated at home or can be diagnosed by a doctor.

Blocked or clogged tear ducts is a medical condition in the eyes mostly seen in new born baby and infants and also can be seen in adults, which may be because of an infection or worse there may be a small tumor and it results in a watery and inflamed eye.In most cases clogged or blocked tear ducts are a common case in new born baby and it can be treated at home or can be diagnosed by a doctor.

Remedies for Blocked Tear Ducts in Adults and Infants

Blocked tear ducts(also known as dacryocystitisis) a situation when there exists an obstruction or blockage between the passageway/canal which connects the eye to the nose.As it is mostly seen in the infants but adults can also suffer from clogged tear ducts because of various reasons for it such are:

  • Age related changes in which the tear ducts get swollen and it get blocked and creates the issue of clogged tear ducts.
  • Infection in the Eye can lead to tear ducts blockage which results in watery eye and swelling of eye.
  • Injuries to the Face which results in damage of tear ducts and it affects the area of eye and nose resulting in the blockage of tear ducts.
  • Congenital blockage, it is mostly seen in new born baby(infants).
  • Tumors which may occur in the eye or nostril which harms the tear ducts and block the tear duct passsageway.

Major and Minor Symptoms of Blocked Tear Ducts

When tear ducts get blocked there are few symptoms which can be seen:
  • Increased tearing, tears overflow from the eyes and it can be seen continuous flow of tears.
  • Because of the blocked tear duct problem one can face tears which may be little bit thicker than normal tears can be seen producing hard tear layers on your face once it is dry.
  • Recurrent eye inflamation become a common symptom if you are having clogged tear ducts problem.
  • people suffering from blocked tear ducts can see mucus or pus like discharge in the eye lids.
  • Because of the inflammation and continous flow of thick tears one might face blurred vision, but one wash there eye and if the blurred vision issue is still there then you should contact doctors as soon as possible.
Eye is a very sensitive part of our body and it requires some extra care and one should take less risks when it comes to eyes and as those people who are suffering from blocked tear ducts issue should be in touch with their problem and also they should update the doctor about any changes they see.
Blocked tear ducts may be just because of the simple eye inflammation and can be treated at home but there is a very good possibility that you might hava a tumor and that is what causing the blocked tear ducts.

Home Remedies for Clearing Blocked Tear Ducts

Clean your eye regularly

Blocked tear ducts basic cause is infection in the eye and it should be cleaned properly.Clean your eye with cold water multiple times a day to make sure the tears are drained and the blurred vision issue is solved because of it.
  • One can clean there eye with baby shapmoo to maintain the hygiene of eye it wiill also kill the bacteria which come in direct contact of eye.
  • Take a baby shampoo put some drops in a cup of water.
  • Take a clean smooth cotton and dip it in the baby shampoo solution and clean the eye lids and wash your eyes with the baby shampoo solution and rinse it.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water.

Apply a Warm Compress

Warm compress works well when it comes to deal with blockage or inflammation.Warm compress over the blocked tear ducts can open it, and it will help in draining the tears easily.
warm compress for eye

A warm compress will also help in reducing the inflammation of eye which happens because of the blockage of tear ducts.
  • Take a cup of water and heat it for a while make sure the water is not boiling or should not be to hot.
  • Take a clean cloth or a clean cotton and dip it in the warm compress.
  • Put the warm compress over the tear ducts for about 5 minutes and repeat the process multiple times with same warm water.
  • Repeat the whole warm compress process 5-6 times a day, It will help in cleaning the blockage and curring the tear ducts blockage.

Lacrimal Sac Massage 

Lacrimal sac is the main body part of the connection between nose and eye which faces the blockage resulting in the tear duct clotting.Tear drainage can be encouraged by opening of tear ducts by giving proper massage to the lacrimal sac which helps in opening of tear ducts.
Lacrimal Sac Massage technique

How to do lacrimal sac massage

  • Wash your hands with antibacterial solutions or soaps to avoid any kind of infections.
  • with your index finger put it in the inner corner of your eye near to the nose because the puncta and the tear ducts are that side and we need to target the lacrimal sac.
  • Now with complete atention apply some pressure to this corner of the eye and release it, make sure you don't apply too much pressure which start hurting.
  • Apply this pressure and release loop 3-5 times.
  • Perform the lacrimal sac massage multiple times a day after washing your eyes and your hands to avoid further infection.

Breast Milk to Kill Bacteria

Breast milk have very high antimicrobial properties which defends and fight against any form of bacteria.Breast milk will help in killing of any infectious bacterias in the eye which may cause further damage to the tear ducts.
Not just checking the bacterial growth and killing them breast milk will also help in lubricating the eye and helping in reducing any further irritation.
baby eye

How to place breast milk in the eyes to kill bacteria.

  • Take a well sterilized dropper and suck in few drops of breast milk in it.
  • Then gently drop 2-3 drops of breast milk in the eyes suffering from blocked tear ducts.
  • If, you are out of sterilized dropper then you can use your hands but before you start wash your hand and then take drops of breast milk on your index finger and let it drop in the eyes gently.
  • Repeat the steps 5-6 times in day to get rid of clogged tear ducts fast.

Medical Treatment of Blocked Tear Ducts

Medical treatments are termed as in the surgical treatments for the blocked tear ducts and to help in getting a clear and clean tear drainage system.With minor additions such as taking antibacterial pills or antimicrobial eye drops prescripted by surgeons and doctors can give an aid to the further process of healing the blocked tear ducts in adults.

In most cases the medical treatments basically the surgical one in done on the adults, and new born and toddlers get treated by home remedies of blocked tear ducts or by simple oral pills or by antimicrobial eye drops or cream should work fine.

Dilation, Probing and Irrigation Technique

When blocked tear ducts are not opening own their own in toddlers and infants, or the adults who are facing a partially blocked tear ducts, or a partial narrowing of the puncta then doctors use the dilation, probing and irrigation technique to open the blocked ducts.
Dilation, Probing and Irrigation Technique

Punctal opening are enlarged(dilated) by the use of an instrument by which a narrow probe is guided through the puncta, then into the tear drainage system and then it goes through the nasal opening and finally removed.Which results in the opening of ducts and puncta and along with that a saline solution is passed through ducts and puncta to clear any remaining or residual blockage.

Balloon Catheter Dilation Procedures

Basically the balloon catheter dilation system is used mostly on adults and a general anesthesia is used in this process because of its need and requirement of stillness in body.
Balloon Catheter Dilation Procedures
Balloon Catheter Dilation Procedures

This process is very intensive because:
  • A narrow catheter( tube ) with a deflated balloon on the tips is guided through the the lower ducts which helps in the adjustment of the deflated balloon in the ducts.
  • Doctor uses a simple air pump to fill the air in the balloon or inflate or deflate the balloon to clear the ducts blockage and let the drainage happens and opens up all the blockage present in the ducts.

Dacryocystorhinostomy(Surgical procedure)

It is an advancestage of surgical procedure which is rarely seen in the children or new borns but is a common practice in the adults to treat the issue of blocked tear ducts.Inspite of clearing the duct blockage in this surgery a new route for tears to drainout is created which goes through your nose.The doctors create a whole ne connection between nose and eye by creating a connection between lacrimal sac and nose.

The whole new route bypasses the blocked ducts through its new connection and a stents are placed in the new route while it heals it self and by the end it the intubation is removed from the new route and it resolves the issue of blocked tear ducts.
This reconstruction of entire tear drainage system is called conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy.


Clogged or Blocked tear ducts is seen in both children and adults. In most of the cases it is correctable and very few complication have been seen.Home remedies for the blocked tear ducts are good for infants and toddlers or if it is less harmful but some times you may have to go through the surgical process.

Surgery is usually recommended for adults and grownup children and some times for new born or infants or toddlers also go through it.
When infants and toddlers need treatment for blocked tear ducts, minimal and less invasive options are often used.These procedures is also effective on adults by simply narrowing of puncta.

Surgeons and doctors may prescribe some eye drops or cream which will be antimicrobial in nature to avoid exposures to external bactrial which may cause infections.Home remedies are very effective for partially blocked tear ducts and gives relief in major cases but don't forget to contact your eye surgeon or doctors for their professional advice and treatment.




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My Health Archive: Home Remedies for Blocked Tear Ducts in Adults and Infants
Home Remedies for Blocked Tear Ducts in Adults and Infants
Blocked or clogged tear ducts is a medical condition in the eyes mostly seen in new born baby and infants and also can be seen in adults, which may be because of an infection or worse there may be a small tumor and it results in a watery and inflamed eye.In most cases clogged or blocked tear ducts are a common case in new born baby and it can be treated at home or can be diagnosed by a doctor.
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