How to treat stye eye quickly at home

Styes and chalazia are lumps in or along the edge of an eyelid. They may be painful or annoying, but they are rarely serious. Most will go away on their own without treatment.

Styes are caused by a bacterial infection. Usually the bacteria grow in the root (follicle) of an eyelash. An internal hordeolum is caused by infection in one of the tiny oil glands inside the eyelid.
A chalazion forms when an oil gland in the eyelid becomes blocked. If an internal hordeolum doesn't drain and heal, it can turn into a chalazion.

Home remedies for styes

  • Wash hands regularly - this prevents particles being rubbed into the eye and clogging up the glands. Washing hands frequently prevents styes from developing and reduces irritation of an existing stye.
  • Do not pop - squeezing and popping a stye can release pus and spread the infection. Allow it to drain naturally.
  • Warm compress - the most effective treatment tends to be a simple warm compress. Soak a clean washcloth in warm water and apply to the affected area for up to 15 minutes. This should be done a few times each day until the stye is gone. If the washcloth cools off, more warm water can be added.
  • Teabag compress - similar to above, but replace the washcloth for a teabag that has been soaked in hot water. Green tea may be best as it has some antibacterial properties.
  • Makeup habits - do not attempt to cover the stye with makeup, this can slow healing and irritate the stye. More bacteria can also be spread into the region by makeup brushes and pencils. Old makeup should be discarded, and brushes should be regularly cleaned as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash makeup off daily.
  • Contact lenses - individuals who use contact lenses should wash their hands when taking out, putting in, and caring for their lenses. They should also avoid touching the eye area to prevent spreading bacteria to the skin around the eyes.

Most styes can be treated at home easily. The following tips will minimize the duration of a stye and prevent recurrences:
he first thing you should do if you develop a stye is cleanse your eyelids. You can use diluted tear-free baby shampoo on a cotton ball, washcloth, or makeup remover pad. Then rinse your eyelids with warm water and gently pat them dry.
  • Also, be sure to wash your hands before and after touching the stye, and don't share your towels or washcloths with others.
  • Pre-moistened eyelid cleansing pads are another option. You can find these non-prescription items in most drugstores.
  • Some people use teabags for this purpose, but a basic clean washcloth dipped in warm (not hot) water will do the trick and is easy to prepare. Wring the cloth so it's not dripping, then place it over your closed eyes.
  • Proper eyelid hygiene can significantly reduce the risk of styes. Clean your eyelids thoroughly before bedtime, especially if you wear eye makeup.

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