Want to Improve Eyesight then Eat Right - 6 Best Food For Eyes

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Eyesight or Eye sight is the very important thing and without it life is really not fun, Before I tell you more about the best foods for eyes and foods which improve eyesight I want you to understand the basic point that you should know about your eye. 

Eyes are vascular and what i mean with the term vascular is eye is made of lots of vascular tube which carry blood and body elements so you must know that eating a low fat and low trans saturated food will help you in keeping your eyes healthy and will also help in keeping your heart healthy.
6 Best Food For Eyes
Best foods for Healthy Eyes

In recent studies it is found that people who incorporated foods which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, beta-carotene, and vitamin E have experienced about 25% reduction in risk of developing serious Age Related Mascular Degeneration so now you know that maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is very essential for eye health and it helps in improving eye sight too.

Now lets move on to the point, below you will find the best foods that you should incorporate in diet to increase eyesight and also for healthy eyes. 

Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

Spinach for Eyes

Spinach is highly recommended when it comes to eye sight and healthy eyes because it is extremely rich in antioxidants named as macula-lutein and zeaxanthin.Both the antioxidants are very good for vasculars and as i have stated above eyes are vascular and spinach is sure in diet food that you should incorporate in your daily meals.
Best foods for healthy eyes

These antioxidants absorbs the blue radiation of light which is harmful for retina and protect the eye. Eating spinach which is antioxidant rich will not only help you improve the eye sight but also it will make sure that it should stay for long-term. So start loving spinach in just check out the difference in you vision.

Tomatoes to improve eyesight

Every one know that right! but yeah do you know that why tomatoes are good for eyes? let me tell you why in a research it is found that lycopene found in ocular tissues of tomatoes prevent light-induced damage to the retina and other parts of eyes, and because of lycopene presence tomatoes seems to be red in color.
Best foods for healthy eyes

Tomato is the boss! because tomato is also rich in vitamin C which is another vitamin which helps the improvement of vision and to keep eye healthy.
So incorporate tomatoes in daily diet in the form of salad and tomato dishes and try to create a habit of eating tomato because some people don't like the taste of it, but when i hear it then I'm like ohh really!! and that when i think in my head 'now i know why you like miley cyrus!( no offence persnal opinion).
So eat tomatoes as much as possible.

Olive oil 

You might be thinking that in the very first few lines of this article I have said to stay low on fat and all and now I'm suggesting oil why?
A diet low in trans and saturated fat is good for heart and prevent eye from loss of vision and keeps eyes healthy and olive oil is the check for it. 
Why Olive oil ? because olive oil is free of trans fat and is very low on saturated fat.
Olive oil in Jar
Best foods for healthy eyes

Australian researcher have found that people consuming olive oil were 48% less likely to develop any age related muscular damage in simple terms they have 48% less likely chance of facing any age related eye damage and there vision are strong.
Tons of olive oil brand is out right, so which one to pick ? I would suggest to with extra virgin oilive oils which will give a upper hand in the antioxidant boost.


Beta-carotene is a type of vitamin A which protects eyes from damage and helps retina to recover any injury that happened because of sudden exposure to flash light or any thing which causes harm to your retina. Beta-carotene makes sure that your retina and other sensative parts of eyes work smoothly without any complaints. Carrot is very rich when it comes to beta-carotene.One cup of carrot juice will give much more beta-carotene than any other foods.
Best foods for healthy eyes

One small carrot contains 8,353 International units of vitamin A and which includes 4,142 micrograms of beta-carotene with that you will get 278 percent of your daily recommended diet which is huge and its really helping when it comesto maintain healthy eyesight or let it be improving the eyesight.
So incorporate carrots in your daily diet it better you mix tomatoes along with carrots in the salad section which will work completely fine.


Eggs are antioxidant rich with good protein ratio which will also help you in maintainig your healthy in all prospect. 
It is observed that people having a habit of eating one egg on daily basis have a clean white eyes with no eyesight problems so yes its good to incorporate eggs in your diet to but some people might not be so much into eggs or they may be vegetarian then i would suggest go for Almonds.


Almonds is rich in vitamin E and it is very much helpful in maintianing a healthy eye.Now almonds are nuts right then how to eat cause they come costly and might fit into every one budget but yeah if you can have almonds in your kitchen then Take 50-60 grams(8-10) of soaked almonds in the morning and same 50-60 grams (8-10)of almond in the evening or before you go to bed.
Almonds get a big node if you are concerned about your eye sight and eye health. 

So before I run to the market and buy all of these foods which will make my eyes much healthy and it will also improve my vision or you can say eyesight, above stated are one of the best foods for healthy eyes and I recommend you to give it a shot and then see the changes. Doctors do not recommend artificial supplements because eyes are so sensative any misuse can cause damage to retina and what is best than the nature itself! Try these eyesight improving foods and let me know in comments about any other foods which have good impact on making your eyes healthy. 

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