How To Increase Height After 25 Years Of Age With 5 Exercises

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There is no medicine that can help you get taller fast, especially after you have reached your adulthood. You will see many products, which promise to increase your height in a short time (for adults), but they are scams and lack in scientific evidence. So, don’t fall for them. Instead, try what is given in this article.
Whether you are extra tall or super short, you would have heard people making fun of you with some nicknames or the other – right from “Sasquatch” to “Shrimp.” Jokes apart, height can be one of the important factors not only in terms of personality but also in health. According to a study, a person’s stature can influence everything. But the question is how to increase height? They say that there are herbs, exercises, and certain tricks that help a person to grow taller? Well, before we write about them in detail here, read this point:

Once your genes orchestrate to the body’s growth & development to a point where it can reproduce, understand that the purpose of growth is complete. On an average, this happens at the age of 16 – 18 in women and 18 – 21 in men. So, the chances that you will grow even after your puberty are extremely less.
Certain stretching exercises do help in increasing the height (during and even after puberty). These stretching exercises correct a human’s posture to a great extent. Most of your height is hiding behind those slouched backs and you don’t even realize that. The good news is that despite your age, you can add about 1 to 2 inches of height by just improving your body posture. So, we will start explaining these stretch exercises first, followed by five amazing herbs that can also enhance your height.

5. Wall Stretch

Step 1: Stand straight against the wall.
Step 2: Stand on your toe tip and take your hands as high as you can.
Step 3: While doing step 2, try to keep the spine flat.
Step 4: Repeat the exercise a few times with a duration of 5 seconds.

4. The Super Cobra Pose

Step 1: Keep your arms perpendicular to the ground.
Step 2: Keep your spine arched.
Step 3: Bend the hip.
Step 4: Bring the body to a position that looks like an inverted “V”.
Step 5: While doing step 4, tuck the chin against the chest.
Step 6: Come back to your original position.
Step 7: Repeat this few times with a duration of 15 to 20 seconds.

3. The Hanging Exercise

Hanging is one of the best ways to increase height. Whether it is a bar or a strong tree branch, hanging helps in straightening and lengthening your spine easily. If you are serious about growing tall, experts recommend to hand for 30 minutes in a week. On the other hand, if you desire to have your shoulders and back wide or say, V-Taper, try using a wider grip (but mind you, this is tough).

2. The Table Pose

Step 1: Sit on the floor with legs straight.
Step 2: Keep the torso straight.
Step 3: Place your palms on the floor near your butt (see the picture).
Step 4: Tuck the chin against the chest.
Step 5: Bring the head backward. Take it as far as you can.
Step 6: While doing step 5, raise the body in a way that the knees bend and your arms remain straight.
Step 7: Follow the shape of a table. Your upper legs and torso has to be horizontal and straight to the floor. Your lower legs and arms should be perpendicular to the floor.
Note: This exercise might seem tough to do initially but you can get it right with regular practice.

1. The Bow Down Pose

Step 1: Stand straight with both the feet close.
Step 2: Keep both the hands on the hips.
Step 3: Bend forward. Take it as far as you can. Make sure not to bend your knees. They have to be straight.
Step 4: Repeat this for a few times with a duration of 5 to 8 seconds.
Being short in height is never appreciated, these exercises will help you grow height. But as earlier I mentioned that if your genetics are too hard to control these exercises won't help.
Stay positive and practice these simple exercise to increase your height. This might not give you a instant increase in height, but if you stay dedicated then this will give you the desired result.
Now lets be practical, Can I increase 3-6 inch height by exercises? So that is not going to happen. These stretches and exercise will give an increase of 1-2 inch maximum. Now we have figured out all aspects so pull your energy and start the journey of increasing height today.

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